Misconception#4 – Learn once, know always

The Misconceptions of Communication Skills

Misconception #4: Once you learn how to communicate you always know how.

How long have you been in the professional world?

How long has communication been a problem?

Most of us have always seen the lack of communication or poor communication or miscommunication as a fundamental problem in organizations. As the world changes and our problems change, so will our need to address communication in that context.

Just think about the difference in communication issues since email, since social media, since texting. What will next disrupt the expectations of communicating?

We need to continually rethink our concepts of communication.

Consider what Einstein said

The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

In short, our paradigm of what good communication is changes with time. It changes as we change, as technology changes, as society changes, as the world changes.

And so we must always be learning and growing and developing new and more appropriate behaviors for the situation. We must always be aware of ourselves, those we communicate with, the context of the exchange, and the messages we send in words and actions, consciously and unconsciously, known and unknown.

Are you ready to be a life long learner?

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