Leaving your comfort zone.

We drive every cell in our bodies to find the comfort zone.

And yet, if we stay there too long, we’ll die.

It’s difficult to see that you’re stuck in the comfort zone, let alone get yourself out of it.

This zone is safe and peaceful. A protective shield surrounds you like a clear bubble. An illusion that you are actually in the world, but you are not. You are in the comfort zone, while the world passes you by.

But outside the bubble the world is uncertain, absurd, scary, and dangerous, you say? Yes, it is.

But inside the bubble what we don’t realize is we are becoming more fragile, the opposite of protecting ourselves from harm.

Instead of using our muscles of courage and wisdom, they are wilting like a flower without water and sunlight.

Leaving the comfort zone takes courage.

Sometimes, the only way out of the bubble is if someone from the outside reaches inside. We need to grab their hand and let them pull us out. That too takes courage.

And we realize it doesn’t end there. Once on the outside, we still have the helping hands.

We don’t need to do it alone.

That’s wisdom.