In the company of greatness. #helloBrilliant #action-with-purpose #in-the-company-of-greatness

Take a moment to think about how often you are in the company of greatness. It was a hope filled moment when I did.

From those I brushed shoulders with as we passed in the hallway, to those I sat knee-to-knee with in crucial conversation, or joined in rolling up our sleeves and getting the hard work done, I am in the company of greatness.

I scrolled through my LinkedIn feed just this morning and I kept coming across these amazing accomplishments of people I know:

Raising a half million dollars in seed money for a startup; #BouloSolutions

Being recognized for leading a business having positive impact on humankind; #Leadfearlessly

Winning an Innovation award for following your passion! #MooreBigData

These are accomplishments with impact.

But it wasn’t all about the big things.

Greatness showed up in a small company looking for an intern, a student sharing her acceptance letter into college, and freelancer celebrating a new client.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Coretta Scott King

People were simply sharing their moments of greatness and celebrating each other.

As I looked at the photos of the people sharing their moments big and small, I couldn’t help feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I’m lucky to know these people. But mostly, I’m hopeful for seeing the human to human connections and the good things happening.

Yeah, I’m having a moment. But you know what? You had a role in making this moment. Yes, you.

Hello Brilliant! Ready to share your greatness with the world?