In Praise of Tiny Wins.

I’d rather have 365 tiny wins than one big win.

That big hairy audacious goal is better achieved with a thousand tiny steps than one gigantic leap. 


The enormous leaps are hard to repeat. Everything needs to be just right for them to happen. They are unpredictable and mostly out of our control.

The tiny little wins we achieve every day? Those will last. They last because they are within our control. With each tiny win, we build confidence. Over time, these tiny wins form a habit. A habit of winning.

The failures are also tiny. And with a tiny failure, we can more easily get back up and start again. 

Every day I go for my walk, it’s a tiny win. I know I’m gaining health physically, mentally, and emotionally. Now and then, I don’t walk. That tiny failure is only a failure for one day. The next day is a chance for another tiny win. 

Each time an artist sits at her table to create art, it’s a tiny win. Regardless of the product, her decision to sit and create is a win. Over time, she will create authentic works to share with the world.

The leader who celebrates a tiny win each time she has an open conversation and truly listens, she is creating success one tiny win at a time. This one moment a person feels heard and understood, repeated daily, is what gives the leader impact.

If world problems feel too big to tackle, think small. Step by step. Small wins build confidence, lead the way to change.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

These tiny wins and failures aren’t something you see in your news stream or social media. The quiet winners live their successes one tiny win at a time and under the radar. Until one day, you feel their impact.

Celebrate the tiny wins, they are what make us who we are.