I’m not a #generation tag!

Why do we have this need to lump everyone of a certain age into a #tag?

Aren’t you tired of hearing about or being referred to as #iGen #millennial #genX #boomer #traditional or whatever the current marketing meme is for someone of your age?

It’s understandable that we recognize the shared experiences and context within which we were born and raised and how those factors have help to shape our worldviews. The person born in 1996 will have experienced things differently than someone born in 1969. And yes, there are now five different generations active in the workforce:

  • iGen, aka Generation Z: born 1996 and after
  • Millennials, aka Generation Y: born 1977 to 1995
  • Generation X: born 1965 to 1976
  • Baby Boomers: born 1946 to 1964
  • Traditionalists: born 1945 and before

However, within each of these very broad categories called generations are individuals with unique experiences, talents, philosophies, and ultimately – worldviews.

Why can’t we begin to appreciate the individual more?

Why not market to someone’s taste and preference and let them self identify as that preference instead of lumping everyone of a certain age into an assumed similar generation?

The reason behind the rant

I have conducted many workshops on how to manage, lead, and coach multiple generations within the workforce. As I ask each person sitting in the room (or virtually) to identify which generational profile they connect with the most, many are NOT connecting to the one of their birth. As a matter of fact, many connect with MULTIPLE generational profiles depending upon the circumstances. Yes, context matters. It is yet another layer to consider.

I know we as humans love to group things together to make the vast amount of data more manageable. But I urge you as a leader and as a professional to consider the damage and the missed opportunities of judging someone only by their date of birth.

#Unique #Individual #Human

The challenge is to be more human as a leader. Share with the world your own unique world view. Get to know and connect with the human across the table from you! See and appreciate the individual.