I have nothing to say.

It happens to the best of us.

We sit down to write an email, create our presentation, share on social media, write a page in our book and then…..nothing. We thought we were ready to share our idea, respond to that email, or craft the perfect story in our presentation but we find – not only is the page blank, but so is our mind!

You find yourself thinking “I have nothing to say.”

Sometimes it’s our own perfectionism. We expect the words to come out in perfect order and with exquisite rhythm as if we were Mozart and our email Piano Concerto No.21 in C. We’ve read so many eloquent articles s and have seen so many inspiring presentations that we hold ourselves to high standards even for a simple email.

Other times we have so many things to say that we don’t know the order in which to start or the flow or the length. The idea we have is so huge we just can’t find the words to express the concept. The thoughts and words are floating around us like fireflies on a warm summer evening. It is difficult to catch one and they are always just out of sight in that place from the corner of your eye… just there…no there…no, over there.

Ultimately we sit there, blank page in front of us and we can not begin.

Normally, I would tell you that there are a number of ways to overcome this blank page angst. It is, after all, what I help people to do. But today, I have a different answer.

But first I would ask that you answer this question about your [email, blog post, presentation, book etc]:

Why is it worth writing?

If you can not answer that question, maybe it doesn’t need to be written.