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For decades there have been freelance consultants, artists, authors, and sales people, to name a few. But in recent years there has been a sea-change toward the independent, the artisan, the maker, the remote worker, the anywhereWORKER.

For most of the 20th century, working meant we commuted to and from a physical work location every day. But in this century our technology and global economy (and global existential threats) have opened up a fundamental shift in the nature of when, where, and how we work.

These shifts are happening – ready or not! With the shifts in technology come the needed change in how we approach our remote and independent work.

In my own work as an indie / remote worker and as a coach to other anywhere workers, three broad skill areas repeatedly appear:

Stay Connected

Powerful communication skills and strategies are critical to your success to stay connected with your strengths, your mission, your clients, and your team.

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Stay Collaborative

Stay collaborative and adaptive are demanded as Indie and remote workers. You work across time and space with clients, on-demand teams, and strategic partners in ever changing context. The power of collaboration will serve you well as Indies can’t do it all alone, and the diversity you bring to the team is critical to it’s success.

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Stay Creatively Productive

Ultimately you need to deliver your body of work. As an indie / remote worker you juggle many responsibilities and face numerous obstacles (internal and external). You must master staying creatively productive or you won’t succeed.

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The collection of resources in these categories are geared to help you focus on doing:

The right work
at the right time
for the right reason

and in the right way – for you.