Presentation Skills Self Assessment

This assessment is designed to help you identify areas of strength and opportunity for growth. It is also valuable for selecting the right course of action either on your own or with your coach.

The Quick 10

This is the kick-start 10 item assessment to get you started in identifying areas that you are strong, and areas you want to strengthen with experiential learning, research, and tips and tools from PresentationYOU.

Kick-Start Assessment

Use the following 10 factors of effective presentations (and meetings) to get a sense of your skill level. This will get you started in determining your strengths and areas for learning.


Circle the appropriate skill level for each of the 10 statements. Each statement should have only one level circled.

  • Basic Skills – still have much to learn
  • Good Skills – improving but can learn more
  • Great Skills – ready to begin fine tuning
1.I follow a defined process when preparing for presentations and meetings.Basic / Good / Great
2.I allow the appropriate amount of time to prep and develop presentations.Basic / Good / Great
3.I know the audience’s needs and expectations before preparing the presentation or meeting.Basic / Good / Great
4.I have a single – clearly defined – objective for the meeting or presentation.Basic / Good / Great
5.I have identified key messages and can state them in a simple, clear, and brief way.Basic / Good / Great
6.The visual design is optimized to communicate my key messages.Basic / Good / Great
7.The content has the appropriate level of detail for the audience and situation.Basic / Good / Great
8.The content is relevant to the audience.Basic / Good / Great
9.I speak without reading directly from slides or notes.Basic / Good / Great
10.I cover all material in the time providedBasic / Good / Great
 TOTALS      ____ / _____ / _____ 

Add the number of circled items in each column to determine your totals. You should have a number from 1 to 10 for each: Basic, Good, and Great. The total of all three columns will equal 10. The column with the highest number is your overall assessment level. For example if you have: Basic 3 / Good 5 / Great 2, your overall assessment is ‘Good’ presentation skills.

Take Action Toward ‘Great’

Now that you have an idea of your current skill level, it’s time to take action to move you from a good presenter to a great presenter.

Any items in which you did not select Great as your skill level is an opportunity to explore.

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Note: this is not a scientific assessment. It is designed to increase your awareness of the factors that impact your presentation effectiveness.