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If you’re not having the impact you expected from your conversations and presentations, you need to consider the presentationYOU approach.

Created to help professionals like you become masters at conversations and presentations, the presentationYOU approach uses conversation elements, design elements, storytelling elements and more. The heart of the approach is my resolution to help you:

Design the experience,
not the presentation.

Below are the three phases within the presentationYOU approach and links to related posts. If you’re looking for more significant shifts in your impact, explore my books and coaching services.

Phase 1: Prep and Discovery

The foundation for developing mastery level communication and presentation skills begins with a commitment to preparation. In this phase we start with YOU. A full assessment of you, the audience, the desired outcome, and the context within which the encounter will take place. We gather the necessary data and begin the creative process. We map out the approach and uncover the obstacles. The focus is on creating order from chaos and build the case for effective results.

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Phase 2: Develop and Design

With a solid foundation we now develop and expand your message to include the appropriate level of detail, incorporate storytelling elements and refine the flow. We design and refine to include the appropriate visual elements and activities to engage your audience. Ruthless editing is a specialty of the presentationYOU approach and will bring your presentation to the next level of professionalism. The focus in this phase is on crafting the message for impact.

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Phase 3: Deliver and Inspire

All preparation and design come together and are delivered through YOU. We come back around to YOU again in this phase using selected techniques to help you build your presence and confidence. Care is taken to select the appropriate delivery method for the situation. Several cycles of practice and feedback are an essential part of the delivery phase. The focus in this phase is on delivering with authenticity for a memorable talk.

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