How would you describe success in this situation?

The ultimate actionable strategy for business and personal growth is powerful questioning.

Before you walk into that room, start that conversation, open that door, pick up that phone, send that email…ask yourself this question:

How would you describe success in this situation?

We all have expectations of how things will go in each situation.

You may not take time to acknowledge or examine these expectations, but maybe – sometimes – you should.

That big meeting, a sensitive client, a frienemy at work – all opportunities to check in with yourself.

When you have a touchy situation at hand, stopping for a moment to ask yourself this question can help you anticipate and manage your actions and avoid making the situation worse.

It’s also a great way to manage your own expectations so you’re not surprised when things do/don’t go as expected.

And of course after you identify how you describe success follow-up with:

Is it reasonable?

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