How we change (or die)

Do you have what it takes to make a significant change in behavior?

For the serious professional, true behavior change takes a serious commitment. The psychology of change challenges the common belief that we are essentially rational and we will act in self-interest if we have the right information.

The reality is behavior change is difficult. Simply knowing what to do does not translate into taking different actions. Neither will fear nor force change behaviors – at least not for more than a short time.

Consider the last behavior change you attempted to make in your life. Knowing the change is good for you, you made an attempt to quit smoking; sustain an exercise program; loose and keep off extra weight; or even get up earlier, only to go back to your old habits in a matter of weeks if not days.

Behavior change is difficult.

But there is a way, according to Alan Deutschman, author of Change or Die, the key elements to successful change include:

  • Relate – form a new emotional relationship with a person or community that inspires (the desired change) and sustains hope.
  • Repeat – the new relationship helps you learn, practice, and master the new habits and skills that you’ll need.
  • Reframe – The new relationship helps you learn new ways of thinking about your situation and your life (of business.)

You’ll know that you’re learning something truly new and different if it’s really hard for a long time and you’re constantly making mistakes and struggling and feeling like an idiot until you get better at it and the habits and skills become automatic. ~Alan Deutschman

As a former corporate professional turned anywhereWORKER, I’ve had to make my own significant changes in behavior. And even as a coach and professional who is aware of the process, I still need to incorporate these elements.

There are not shortcuts.

That is why all the program designed through anywhereWORKER and my other business areas include these key elements to help facilitate the change.

One important thing to remember regardless of who you may hire to help you through your change: your coach can open the door to change, you must step through it yourself.