How to work

There is an art to being an anywhereWORKER.

For decades there have been independent consultants, artists, authors, and sales people, to name a few. But in recent years there has been a sea-change toward the independent, the artisan, the maker, the remote worker, the anywhereWORKER.

What makes an anywhereWORKER and LEADER?

It’s more than just working anywhere, that is only what you see from the outside.

These heroes take responsibility for their own success in their career,  their business, and their lives.

They recognize the future of work and are moving out to meet it by changing the way they define work.

They are changing their skills, their habits, and their perspectives to meet the needs of the future.

They recognize the importance of staying connected to others; to the goal; to their mission.

They continually look for new ways to collaborate, recognizing they can not do it all themselves, and that the diversity they bring to the team is critical to it’s success.

They are open to finding new creative ways to stay productive – anywhere.

The future belongs to the anywhereWORKER. Are YOU ready for the future? Are you ready to take responsibility for your own success?

Within these pages are tips, tools, ideas, and challenges to help you become a successful anywhere WORKER.

Let’s redefine how to work!

your coach,