How to Stay Successful

Are you on track to reach your goals this year? 

If so, you have a right to feel good about yourself. Go ahead and do your celebration dance. Are you done? Good. Because past performance may not predict future success. But don’t worry, you can avoid failure with this one trick.

I’m known for asking questions that get people thinking. Someone recently said my questions helped ‘poke their brain.’ Gosh, I hope that was a good thing and not something out of a zombie movie.

It turns out it was amazing. Exciting new ideas emerged with re-energized commitment! What a relief.

Now it’s your turn. Ready to poke your brains to help boost your success?

how to stay successful

How to Stay Successful

Let’s say you’ve done a mid-year review and things are working and you’re on track to meet your goals for the year. I have one question for you: 

How will you sustain your progress? 

Doing nothing different may be risky.

The downside of stopping to check your progress is you may get too comfortable. It’s essential to take time off to celebrate, recognize your accomplishments, and recharge. 

The risk comes when you get back to working on your goals and don’t have the same momentum. There’s less sense of urgency. You figure you’ve got this, so why do anything differently? 

With that attitude comes the risk of getting comfortable and slowing down. You risk missing your target. I know you don’t want that to happen. 

There’s one thing you can do to stay successful, and you already know how to do it.

Re-experience your strategic planning event.

I’m not talking about reviewing your strategic plan. You’ve already done that if you did the mid-year review. I’m talking about something more.

Whether you had an off-sight event with others or sat alone at your computer, you went through a physical and mental process when first creating your goals for the year. If I’m right, you were excited! 

  • First, there was anticipation about the possibilities. You brainstormed and captured ideas from A to Z.
  • Then you worked hard to sift and sort the ideas to identify the essential few. You could feel the fire in your belly.
  • Finally, you gained clarity as you added the details of exactly how it would all become a reality!
  • You were passionate about what you saw for the future and couldn’t wait to get started! You burst into action!

The challenge now is to re-create that feeling, whether you literally re-create your off-sight event or you go back and craft a story about what you experienced. You need to bring the passion from the past into the present.

Go back and discover how you decided on these goals. What drove you to pick these and not something else? In short, revisit your ‘why.’ 

Do it in a way that brings you back into the moment, and you’ll remember and feel the passion and excitement. Once you do, you’ll also feel the excitement and want to burst into action!

P.S. If you’re not on track to meet your goals, don’t panic. I’ll share something for you next.