How to Share – Your Presentation

You’ve spent a great deal of time and effort on making your presentation powerful. The delivery was smooth and the participants were engaged. Inevitably one or more participants will ask ‘can we have a copy of the presentation?’ You sigh.

As a follower of Presentation You, you know that your presentation can not stand alone…YOU actually are the main attraction – the presentation does not make sense without you. But, you want to leave your participants with something to remember your message….what should you do?

Option 1: Record the Presentation. If you are doing a virtual presentation, the best option is to provide a recording of your original delivery. This way the person reviewing the recording will get the benefit of you and your presentation as well as any interaction between you and the audience. This is the easiest option for you as the presenter since you don’t have to do any additional preparation other than have a great production assistant to make the recording (usually hitting the correct button is all that is needed – but it’s also wise to have two recordings being made – just in case!)

Option 2: Create a special take-away document. While it may be easy to provide your slides with notes, you don’t want to give it all away. Plus, just giving your notes and slides won’t emphasize the message as well as a take-away document. This second option, the take-away document, is actually a different product altogether.

Take-Away Document Content

  • Include the following items in your ‘take-away’ document:
  • Your one objective
  • The key points that support your objective
  • Key anchor images
  • The conclusion or summary
  • The one clear action you want the audience to take

Remember, your presentation is created to support your message and is used together with your delivery. The take-away document can stand alone to deliver your message – although it may lack the passion you bring to your mission!