How to Love Mondays

When I was growing up, I hated Mondays. I wasn’t very popular in school and was an average student (and very shy). There really wasn’t a reason for me to love Mondays. I also didn’t like getting up early and standing out in the rain, cold, snow, and wind to wait for the school bus.

As I moved from school to the grown-up world of work, I carried my preference for the weekend. I did what I could to ‘get through’ the day, and the work week. I would push myself to get to work early in the morning just so I could enjoy longer leisure time at the end of the day. And I’d lost count of how many times I hit the snooze button on the alarm. (Ever wonder why there is a snooze button? I still don’t know)

Who’s In Charge?

Things changed when I made the shift from being an employee to an indie consultant. To sum up the change, I work for myself.

That statement is loaded with meaning. Working for myself. If you too work for yourself you know it’s not about the amount of work (there is certainly ten times more of it) but rather that I am in charge. I choose what to work on, who to work with, when and where I work.


It was a rough (and long) transition from employee to indie, but at the other side of that ride I now am excited to start my week! I look expectantly Monday as a fresh start. I now find myself waking before the alarm. Throughout the day I catch myself smiling because I love what I do.

Sure, the life of an indie is hard work. The roller coaster ride never ends (you really need to love roller coasters to be an indie!) But as I go through the downs, I know that there will always be another up. And when I’m up, I am grateful and savor the moment as there will certainly be another down.

And through it all…I now…Finally…Love Mondays!

Yes. I’ve been called weird (and many worse things) and I’m ok with that.


What would it take for you to love Mondays?