how to conduct a personal quarterly review

Spring officially began this week. And with spring comes tax obligations (for US businesses) and the first quarterly business review of 2011. But your business isn’t the only thing that needs a quarterly review. As the CEO of YOU, it is your responsibility to conduct a personal quarterly review of YOU. It’s time to put a magnifying glass up to your daily habits.

quarterly review benefit

Get back on track: Likely by this time your intentions have been forgotten or lost in the ocean of tasks, obligations, and other habits you have developed over the years. But this year is different, because you really want to change this year! Well here’s your chance to get back on track.

Increase your success rate: The great thing about being CEO of YOU is that you have complete control of your actions. That means that you can choose to make positive changes in your life of business or business of life. The benefit of a quarterly review is that it increase your chance of making that positive change – and sustaining it!

single theme quarterly review

If you chose to follow a single theme for 2011 because you wanted to make your new year resolution an evolution, then this process is a little different than a multi-goal review. This exercise is best done uninterrupted so find yourself a quiet place, get your paper and pencil, and get ready for a bit of critical self assessment.

1. Identify the different areas of your life. You can use a perspective of the various roles you embody, or group areas of focus. For example:


  • entrepreneur
  • writer
  • wife
  • mother
  • community member

areas of focus

  • financial
  • spiritual / health
  • business
  • intellectual
  • social / interpersonal

2. Review your activities in each of these roles / areas. Ask yourself the following:

  • Were my actions and decisions in each area / role guided by my chosen single intention?
  • Are there any trends in one area or another?
  • Is my action stronger in one or more area? Less in one or more areas?
  • Has something changed in my business / environment to influence my single intention?
  • Is this intention still appropriate? Does it still support my values and long term goals?
  • What changes do I want to make going forward? Increase / decrease in a specific area?

3. Recommit and/or revise the path: going forward, if you choose you can change your guidepost or simply how you are brining that single intention into your every day life. Nothing teaches us about ourselves more than experience. You now have an entire quarter of experience behind you in focusing on this single intention.

What is your guidepost for 2011? Are you recommitting to it? Do you have a success story to share for the first quarter? Share your thoughts….