How to Ace that Virtual Interview

It’s a global world, a virtual world, and a cost conscious one – especially in business. Organizations around the world are conducting job interviews as well as interviewing consultants and contract workers by phone and video. Are you ready?

Here’s How to Ace a Virtual Interview

What You Wear

Of course wear the same professional outfit you would in person. Why? first because you will be on video, second, it helps you to be in the professional frame of mind needed for this conversation.

But – if you normally wear something colorful, a busy print, or with lots of bling, my advise is to go simple and neutral. Not only will the interviewee focus on you and not your clothes, but the video will be of better quality. If the video has to translate a lot of detail and a variety of colors the quality will be impacted and it may impact the interviewee’s reception – meaning your brilliance may be choppy.

Your Surroundings

Make sure whatever shows up in the video is appropriate. Do your best to have as little in the screen shot as possible. Both as a caution on what you share (piles of paper on your desk, a cluttered and unorganized closet behind you, in inappropriate poster) and the impact on the quality of the video (just like a clean simple outfit is best, a clean simple background is also best).

The Technology

Whether you are doing voice only or voice and video, it is important to become familiar with the technology before the interview. Do a test run with a friend a few days before the interview or at least an hour before the interview. Test your connection, your clothing, the reception on the other side.

Especially practice looking at the camera. This is a difficult habit to practice.

And don’t forget to use a professional log-in. If you are using skype, or an email as log-in please make sure it’s your professional one! Don’t sign in with cookie97 or bigboy1985 – if you must, create a new account just for the interview process. I would recommend using your name as your login.

Your Resume

Of course you will have provided the interviewee with the best darn resume possible – in the best format possible. You’ll also be able to point the interviewee to your linkedin profile that has be expertly written. Of course if the interviewee is doing a virtual video interview, chances are they have already googled you and know everything there is to know about you!

If you feel weak in this area, I recommend stopping by the BlueSkyResumes.Com site for resources and tips on powerful resumes and job searches.

What You Say

Virtual interviewing can be either an advantage or disadvantage. When being interviewed virtually either voice only or voice and video, your potential employer / client can record your interview and replay later.

This is an advantage for the interviewer as they can ask candidates the same questions and then compare their answers side by side. It is a warning for interviewees as know what you say can be exactly recalled instead of just notes from an in person interview. Of course, of you were brilliant – it’s to your advantage!

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to our conversation.