How Fearless People Start Their Day

Every day is a new opportunity to become a Fearless Leader. Whether you are leading your own work, or the work of your entire organization, how you start the morning can have an impact on the rest of the day.

What do fearless people do upon waking up in the morning to set the stage for success? They start strong and get into action immediately. Here are a few morning habits for the fearless leader in you.

Fearless people recognize their ability to perform in an ever-changing environment places a great deal of stress on them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each activity, each decision, each problem solving session throughout the day uses energy and depletes your daily reserve.

As a fearless person you know your performance is only as good as the energy you bring to the day. And so your first priority every day is to make sure you start strong – with a full tank.

How to Fill Your Tank

To fill your tank you devote the first hour of your day to energy builders. These energy builders, like compound interest, build over time and so you make them a daily habit.

  • The first energy builder is daily exercise. You get moving to build physical strength and endurance as well as mental clarity and emotional regulation.
  • The second energy builder you practice is meditation. Through daily meditation you strengthen your ability to stay focused on the task at hand as well as build your self regulation muscle.
  • The third energy builder includes filling your motivation tank. You recognize that it is your responsibility to stay motivated and that it takes a daily dose to maintain that motivation. You select blogs and books to read and listen to leadership podcasts to build your energy store of knowledge and motivation.

Fearless People Take Action

With a full tank you are now ready to start your journey. You select the most important task of the day and immediately get into action. The fearless person uses the refreshed energy and motivation of the morning to tackle the most difficult or important task of the day before she even gets to the office.

She knows that her energy and mental clarity at this time of day will help her tackle even the most difficult task and the satisfaction of completing her first task gives her energy for the next.

The fearless person also recognizes what not to do as a morning habit. You know that checking email or social media and even watching or reading news can deplete your energy and detour your journey to success. But you are fearless and avoid these distractions until you fill your tank and get that one important task completed.

You are fearless and as a fearless person, you take responsibility for your own success by starting strong and getting into action immediately. With a morning like this, the rest of the day is set for success!

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