How do you honor your individuality in a crowd?

What you do for a living, others do. You are not unique in your profession. How do you honor your individuality when there are many leaders, managers, scientists, coders, even artists?

What is unique about you is how you do what you do.

How you lead, manage, perform experiments, write code, or create your art is what sets you apart. Honor your individuality

Honor Your Individuality

How you use your eyes to see things that only you can see – your perspective.
How you use your ears to listen for things only you can hear – and pay attention.
How you communicate with others on your team – and have impact.
How you experience you clients, customers, and the world – and connect the dots no one else can see.

Honoring individuality is not just about treating each of your clients as unique. It’s also about recognizing your own uniqueness.

What is one thing you do that your clients (co-workers, customers) notice about you that is unique?