holiday budget blown? be the gift

By now you have undoubtedly gone through your holiday budget and maybe even a little of next year’s. Don’t fret. I have the perfect holiday gift that is – priceless. You!

Flickr photo courtesy of JessleeCuizon.

Let me explain by sharing an experience I had recently. I received a priceless gift from someone and I bet he doesn’t even know he was giving me a gift (though, he may as he is enlightened in the ways of gratitude). On twitter, @1080group (Roger Courville) retweeted a message I posted and added a simple comment (see below). Now, the simple note and retweet probably took him 30 seconds but to me, it is priceless. Recognition, thanks, a helping hand by spreading the word of another’s work are all priceless gifts that cost you nothing but a genuine thought and your time.

Please, during this season, give the most priceless gift of all – you! Be the gift this year and take the time to say thank you, nice job, answer a question or a poll. Take the time to connect whether virtually or in person. The opportunity presents itself all day long, just open your eyes and your heart and be the gift! You may be surprised at the impact – the ripple effect you have not only on that one person, but on the person they thank or help and the next person and so on. We are all interconnected.

Thank you so much for reading this post and for visiting my blog and website this year. I hope I can continue to connect with you in the days and months to come.  I write these posts to share what I have learned and to learn from you. Please share your thoughts  either here in the comments or elsewhere. You have more impact than you realize – make it a positive ripple.

Be well, be happy, and be authentic. But most of all – start your gratitude ripple and

be the gift!