Great Question!

Don’t you just love it when you ask a question and the other person actually lights up and says ‘great question!’ Me too.

I’ve heard the term powerful questions used in my coaching and consulting career for decades, but when you actually experience an artfully asked question, it’s a power rush.

You probably have a go-to list of questions you’ve built over the years. Even if you don’t realize it, the responses you’ve received when you ask those questions have reinforced your likelihood of using them in a similar situation.

Thank about it. What are your top five go-to questions that get results?

The Powerful Questions Ah-Ha Moment

Early in my career, I was impressed by a facilitator, we’ll call her Lilly (not her real name), who artfully guided conversations, uncovered root problems, diffused tense situations, and changed the dynamics of a room full of executives with ease. She was masterful.

I watched from the sidelines as she engaged with the team. About ten minutes into it I realized her secret: powerful questions.

When the light-bulb moment hit, I started writing down the questions she used. I haven’t stopped capturing questions since that day.

Curating Powerful Questions

Every time I hear someone ask a question and my response is ‘that’s a good question’ I immediately write it down in my meeting notes.

I can guess what you’re thinking – Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of those questions?

I would love to tell you I had the foresight to capture these questions all in one place over the years, but I didn’t.

Until now.

Instead of relying on only your go-to questions, wouldn’t you like to have hundreds of questions to master the situation? Think of how much more brilliant you would be in your work if you had access to more powerful questions.

You have important work to do and if having access to additional powerful questions will help you achieve better results, I want to make sure you get what you need. That’s why I’ve gather a collection of powerful questions for you in this ebook:

Everyday Questions For Success

365 Powerful Questions to Inspire Business and Personal Growth

You get 365 questions to build your powerful questioning skills.

And a list of questions by topic! When you have a decision to make, there’s a list of questions for that. Or if you need to have a difficult conversation, there’s a list of questions for that as well.

It’s all about helping you deliver your best work – everyday. You have important work to do and if there’s a way I can help you achieve results, I must do it!

Two More Powerful Question Gifts

And one more thing…actually two things:

After I put the first collection together into the book, I had more to give. Instead of creating another version of the book (and never getting to ship it) I put together a list of follow-up questions in a Bonus Chapter.

Even that wasn’t enough. I want to make sure you get the most from the questions book and follow-up bonus. To do that created an audio program to help you master the use of powerful questions.

Get your copy here:

 Everyday Questions For Success

Get your gifts here:

Mastering Powerful Questions Audio Workshop and Bonus Chapter.

What will you do?