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We never finish our BEING goals. They are goals without end.

I’ll bet your list of goals for this year includes two types: project goals and being goals. The project goals are easier to mark as complete. Running a marathon, writing a book, eliminating financial debt – all have measurable completion. Being goals are different, they are without end (at least until we stop existing).

Running a marathon differs from being healthy, though we hope one leads to the other -but not always. Writing one book differs from being a writer. And eliminating financial debt does not guarantee you will become fiscally responsible.

We achieve being goals with small and frequent daily decisions and actions, not big events.

These daily actions are like putting away a small amount of money each day into your investments and then watching compounded interest and time work it’s magic.

What would it look like to put a dollar in the piggy bank every day for your becoming goal?

What daily action will help you become healthy, a writer, and become fiscally responsible? Find that daily dollar to put into your becoming piggy bank!

Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.


Becoming is an action. It only takes one small deposit every day. We each have a choice, another chance every day to become our better selves.