Gifts for the minimalist anywhere worker

Many anywhere workers I’ve encountered are also followers of a less is more philosophy – the simple and sometimes minimalist lifestyle which includes only what you need. So what do you get a minimalist anywhere worker for the holidays?

The approach

  1. First, it should never add clutter. Make sure you consider what is clutter from the anywhere worker’s perspective (not from yours);
  2. Second, the cost of the gift is not important, you can give something for nothing – as a matter of fact many minimalist anywhere workers are against consumerism;
  3. Third, whatever you select – it should be from your heart – genuine.

Some Ideas

For the employee anywhere worker…

  • Thank you note – well thought out and personal – letting the individual know exactly why you appreciate them and value their contributions;
  • Your undivided attention – take your employee to lunch and actively listen to her ideas, goals, concerns.

for the indie anywhere worker…

  • Referrals – share your adoration of your anywhere worker with those who need her services;
  • Hours of service ..are you a web developer? An artist? A chef? A planner? An accountant? – offer a few hours of your services.

Whether you are the boss, co-worker, friend, or family – these tips can help you give priceless gifts that have real meaning to the anywhere worker.

Thanks for stopping by. Warm Wishes for the holiday season.