Focus on clarity

Focus On Clarity

With clarity you can have positive impact on decision making and action taking. Without clarity there is procrastination, indecisiveness, lack of motivation, or lack of action. Which of these scenarios do you want to inspire when you present? When you have a conversation?

Your words and your visuals are used to focus your audience on what is important. Like the lens of a camera – you can choose the field of view so that your subject (main point) is in focus and everything else fades away! Choose the right focus to support your message.

Do you want to emphasize the entire canal…

…or a single bicycle

There are three areas where you must have clarity for your message to be received:

Clarity of Purpose: you must know clearly and without doubt, your goal for the conversation or presentation. What is it that YOU want to get out of this encounter?

Clarity of Message: what is the one most important point you are trying to make. This is NOT the same as your goal (necessarily). You may want to motivate your staff to accept a change in your organization. Your objective is to have your people accept and support the change. The message to them is the benefit of the change – why it is important for them.

Clarity of Request: tell your audience (even an audience of one – as in a conversation) exactly what you want them to do or do differently. Don’t assume they know. Don’t be vague. Be clear. “I need you to follow this process from the moment you leave this room.” “I need you to call Mr. Zachary and make sure he receives the resources he requested.” “Choose now to join our movement.”

Regardless if you are presenting to a group, or having a one-on-one conversation – If you are clear about your purpose, your message, and the action you want your audience to take – your encounter will be brief and effective!