Expect Anxiety in Existential Presenting

flickr photo: ron lute (ronWLS)

flickr photo: ron lute (ronWLS)

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” ~Soren Kierkegaard

The fourth tenet to embracing existential presenting is to expect anxiety.

There are two angles to this tenet. The first is your anxiety and the second is your audience’s.

Expecting anxiety in yourself will happen in two ways.

First you are possibly anxious when you are about to present. This is one of the main presenting problems people identify when seeking help in building their presentation skills.

This is the sweaty palms, the pounding heart and shallow breath, the blood rushing to your face, the butterflies or nausea, and the shaky voice – to name a few signs.

Second is the unexpected anxiety felt during the coaching process. You are anxious because you are asked to change the way you approach your conversations and presentations. You are trying to present and communicate differently and that will stir emotions and often defensiveness. You will defend your existing way of preparing, designing, and delivering messages. That is to be expected.

I’m asking you to do something that will take you out of your comfort zone so it’s going to be difficult

You also need to expect anxiety from your audience.

If we do this right, you will begin to present in a way that is very different from what your audience expects. They will exhibit anxiety and resistance simply because of you are presenting in a new way. But wait. It gets even better.

You will be sharing your idea in a way that will change your audience. We humans resist change. Change is difficult. If your idea somehow changes them it will be a challenge to them and to you. This too will create anxiety. It’s a good sign you are on the right track.

Embrace the angst of presenting. It’s part of life!

You are presenting all day long. Every time you share an idea – whether you are in the boardroom, in a webroom, or across the table – you are presenting.

Presenting is communicating an idea.

Presenting with impact and influence means you get your idea across to your audience and it somehow changes them. It changes them so much they are ready to take action.

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