Change with Action in Existential Presenting

presentationyou existential presenting thru action

Confucius said it best:
“To know and not do, is to not yet know.”

The third tenet to embracing existential presenting is change happens only with action.

Overcoming your angst when facing a blank page takes action. Overcoming the angst of standing in front of a room full of people looking through you takes action. Overcoming procrastination when faced with a difficult conversation takes action.

If you don’t take action you will stay in the same spot in the world you are right now. Only it won’t be comfortable staying in that spot because all around you the world will be moving forward and changing – with or without you.

Many of us (myself included) love to learn new things. We research, read articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts, read books and maybe even write out our thoughts. But that is only the first step in learning.

Learning requires doing and then reflecting on what was done.

What is it that is keeping you from taking that first step into action?

Often the angst of facing the blank page is the feeling of overwhelm. “Where do I start?”

The angst of stepping out in front of the audience is often the fear of failing. “What if I freeze or make a mistake?”

Procrastinating instead of having that important conversation is often fear of rejection. “What if she doesn’t accept my offer?”

But without action you will always lose. With action, you may make mistakes, but those mistakes are how we learn. And with the help of a trusted advisor (someone who has been there too) you can learn more quickly how to manage the angst, the fear, the procrastination and get into action.

Your ideas are too important NOT to share. It is why you are doing the work you do (project manager, entrepreneur, leader, manager, coach, writer, artist).

Break through your angst, fear, and procrastination and schedule a consult with me – I’ll guide you through to becoming a master presenter and savvy communicator.

Embrace the angst of presenting. It’s part of life!

You are presenting all day long. Every time you share an idea – whether you are in the boardroom, in a webroom, or across the table – you are presenting.

Presenting is communicating an idea.

Presenting with impact and influence means you get your idea across to your audience and it somehow changes them. It changes them so much they are ready to take action.

Are you changing the world with your ideas?

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