Honor the Individual with Existential Presenting

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The first step toward embracing existential presenting is by honoring the individual.

We are all unique. Think of each person as a mosaic of all their experiences, personalities, values, ideas, and goals. Both nature and nurture have contributed to pieces of the mosaic. This mosaic is a work of art that is still in progress.

Every piece of the mosaic tile is a story. It is how the individual experienced an event in their life. And so, even if two individuals share an experience, they may remember it differently because of their history and because of their view of the world.

This relates to presenting your idea in two ways.

First honoring your own individuality. It is important to recognize what stories and beliefs you bring to the conversation. Being aware of these will help you to understand any biases, assumptions, or special knowledge you bring to the conversation. You have a unique set of strengths, experiences, and knowledge but these are all viewed by you through your own lens and no one can see the world exactly the same.

Second honoring your audience. Because your ultimate goal of becoming a master presenter and savvy communicator is to share your idea with your audience in a way that somehow changes them, you need to know their view of the world. You need to be able to adjust the lens from your view to theirs so you connect with them. Understanding their values, goals, experiences, and expectations will help translate your idea and reach them on a level like no other presenter.

This is why the message begins with you. It begins with understanding your worldview. Before you write one word of the presentation, tap into your uniqueness and understand theirs.

Embrace the angst of presenting. It’s part of life!

You are presenting all day long. Every time you share an idea – whether you are in the boardroom, in a webroom, or across the table – you are presenting.

Presenting is communicating an idea.

Presenting with impact and influence means you get your idea across to your audience and it somehow changes them. It changes them so much they are ready to take action.

Are you changing the world with your ideas?

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