Be the exception – achieve your resolution.

be the exception, achieve your resolution

Do you want to be the exception or the norm this year? 

I’ve noticed a lot more people out jogging this week…until today. You see, today is very cold a wintery mix of weather. That will power those good intentioned joggers had on January 1 just isn’t enough. Maybe one of them will be the exception, will you?

Change isn’t easy, or everyone would do it.

Each year almost half of us make resolutions. Of the motivated indie professionals I would guess that number is even higher as we all want to continue to improve and grow.

Unfortunately, a meager 8 percent of us actually make the desired change we seek.

How many new year’s resolutions have you successfully achieved in your life? Do you know why you succeeded? Do you know why you failed?

Often we start out with gusto at the start of the year, but by day 30 we’ve all but forgotten how that giddiness of the shiny new goal felt.

Be the exception – be a successful indie professional

For the indie and remote professionals it can be a difficult and lonely journey – we need help!

When we actually succeed at our resolutions, we finally know the power we hold to design our own success.

As someone who loves to create plans for success, I look forward to this time of year. This week alone I helped 3 of my clients create a plan for the coming year. They are already more productive in their first week this year than last. But it doesn’t stop there. Successful change must include these key elements:

  • Relate – form a new emotional relationship with a person or community that inspires (the desired change) and sustains hope.
  • Repeat – the new relationship helps you learn, practice, and master the new habits and skills that you’ll need.
  • Reframe – the new relationship helps you learn new ways of thinking about your situation, your approaches, and your ability to design and achieve success.

To succeed in making changes we all need to focus on the right change at the right time for the right reason. Then we need to include the relate-repeat-reframe elements of successful change. Are you ready to be the exception?

If you want to make this year an exception and be in that 8 percent who stick to their resolution, set up a call with me and we’ll get you started on the right path.

Note: January isn’t the only time to start. Start where you are today. Choose to take charge of your success.