everyday philosopher

Every one of us is a philosopher.
We just don’t take on that role with any seriousness.

Every day we are all trying to find purpose and meaning.
Or maybe you are not.
Maybe you are taking what life gives you at face value.

Or maybe you have adopted someone else’s philosophy.

We are a society of lazy people.
Searching in easy places for easy answers.

It would be great to look on wikipedia for the answers to everything.
But the trouble is that only works for certain things.
Not for the difficult questions.

Like what is happiness
Or what is success

The answers are in a different place.
A place that is not a neatly organized or searchable database.
A place where there are cobwebs, dark corners, monsters, demons, angels, dreams, stardust, memories, sights, sounds, smells, taste, feelings and more

That place is inside you.
Inside your head, your mind, your soul, your very being.

Only you have the password to access this place.
Only you can give it meaning.
Only you can interpret what you see there.
No one can go with you.
You must go alone.

But that is where the everyday philosopher must go to find the answers.
Destroy the easy button.
And find the answers that apply only to you.