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An Injustice Discovered

Several months ago the azione-scopo team (advisors and contributors) determined there was an injustice in the business world that needed to be addressed: bad presentations!

I know you’ve experienced bad presentations:

  • -It’s the slide with enough 10 pt font words to fill a dictionary;
  • -It’s the presenter that reads that slide word – for – word;
  • -It’s that hour you wish you could get back;
  • -It’s thinking ‘what’s their point?’

The injustice is

  • …the waste of time for you as the audience;
  • …the presenter wasting hours on the wrong thing;
  • …the presenter unable to communicate their message;
  • …the missed opportunity to connect people-ideas-action.

The injustice is….the presenter may be you!

Birth of A Mission

The azione-scopo team recognized that I could help. Not only did I have the knowledge of presenting (years studying thought leaders) and experience (corporate and entrepreneurial presentations), but I also had an obligation. I have already helped many professionals go from blank or bad presentations to powerful, engaging, presentations with impact.

From this injustice, presentationYOU was born.

With a mission to eradicate bad presentations everywhere, presentationYOU provides an approach that transforms not only the presentation, but the presenter. PresentationYOU is not just about designing slides, though this is important, it’s about a mindset, an approach, and a process. It’s about recognizing the strengths of the person and translating that into an approach that works for the individual.

– from boardroom to webroom –
the message begins with YOU

PresentationYOU – The Three Paths

The pilot for the presentationYOU coaching program was a huge success! Working with our clients, we discovered first hand that the path to presenting with impact is different for every individual.

This resulted in establishing three paths for the journey from blank page to powerful presentation. One for the self-starter, one for the community learner, and one for the individual going where no one has gone before! presentationYOU provides

  • -Instant access to resources, tools and tips to get you started
  • -Personal assessments to determine your personal needs
  • -Opportunities to grow and learn from others
  • -Continuous updates from thought leaders
  • -Access to executive coaching

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