deep thoughts: life as a movie

The Script

Today I want to challenge you to consider the bigger picture – your bigger picture. Imagine you are the director of a movie. This movie is about you – your life. You have been commissioned to shoot a movie depicting a typical day of your life so far. You have control of what happens in each scene, but you are only allowed one ‘take.’ What would be the theme? Would it be a comedy, tragedy, drama, romance, thriller or action flick? Would it be 2D, 3D, or IMax? What location(s) would you choose? What supporting actors? Write a few notes about your script.

The Screening

Now image sitting in your favorite theater with your favorite concession snacks. The lights dim and the lush red curtain opens to reveal the silver screen. You feel a bit of excitement for the big reveal. Your movie begins to play. It unfolds, bigger than life. What are you feeling? Are you laughing, crying, on the edge of your seat in suspense? Do you feel a tinge of regret? Are you uncomfortable? Write a few notes about your reaction to the screening.

The Reviews

Is there something you would change in the movie? If you could do it over, what would be different? This exercise is not meant to have you wallow in what might have been. It’s about awakening to the fact that you have control. It’s about creating a life and taking action right now so that you live life to the fullest. Write a short review of your first movie.

The Sequel

What can you do now in your life so that one year from now, if you were to create the sequel, you would look back and have no regrets? I urge you to give this some deep thought. This is your life and there is only one ‘take.’ If you have an idea of something you want to change – try it out for one day. Live that one day to the fullest as if you had to repeat it over and over again for eternity. Every day we make choices that, when accumulated over the course of our lives, define our lives.  Write your own script. Be your own director. Make your own life / movie. It’s up to you. Lights. Camera. Action! (with purpose)