Deaf Jam Presentation Secrets

Presentation secrets are revealed in every conversation.

You’ve walked past presentations in the office daily. Anytime one person tried to explain something to another person, they’re presenting.

Remember the table of people at your favorite lunch spot? I’ll bet one of them was presenting an idea.

You probably participated in at least one presentation already today.

Presentation secrets you discover range from recognizing assumptions to learning confidence building techniques.

Unexpected Sources of Presentation Secrets

It’s not always good to think of a presentation as a performance, but a performer can be a great source of inspiration for presenting.

Have you ever watched a performer specifically looking for ideas to help make you a better communicator?

Take a look at the PBS film, Deaf Jam, about a poetry slam. PBS Deaf Jam - Presentation Secrets


What about the physical elements are engaging?

Where could you collaborate with someone with different strengths?

What one thing would you do differently based on this film?