Customize Your Goal-Setting System

My passion for goal-setting started decades ago. 

The light was switched on for me when I first experienced the Franklin Planner System based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

It’s a classic now, but at the time, it opened up a world I didn’t’ know existed.

As a young adult, I had mostly followed the rules and direction of others. At home, my parents guided my actions, at school, I followed the teachers’ course, and at church, there was a well-worn path to follow.

I didn’t have to make my own decisions. They were made for me.

Once I understood the planner system, I wanted to try it out. 

I set a goal and to my surprise, achieved it. 

I remember thinking, ‘do other people know about this?’

It felt a little like magic. I felt a surge of power and excitement.

If I could do that goal, what else could I do?

My goals weren’t especially bold. I started small, and as the successes grew, so did my goals.

Goals don’t have to be audacious. Looking back, I’ve accomplished a lot with this compounding approach.

The power was both intoxicating and frightening.

So when I found some of the indie professionals I work with resisting goal-setting, I had to figure out what brought them to this perspective.


It’s no secret we all experience the world differently. And we have preferences for how we interact with the world.

You’ve probably taken one of many assessments: Myers-Briggs, DiSC, or Strengths-Finder, to name a few.

This preference can also influence your experience with goal-setting. 


Abby is one example of someone who isn’t inspired by the same goal-setting system as I. 

When she walks into a room, the energy soars. She has a ton of ideas and loves talking with others about them.

But when it comes to setting and planning goals based on those great ideas, she loses interest. Planning and follow-through isn’t her strong point.

Abby shies away from goal-setting activities not because she doesn’t want to achieve great things, but because the actions usually involve spreadsheets, charts, and just a little too much structure for her. She’s all about action!

It’s not goal-setting that disinterests her. It’s the system. 

Abby and I needed to develop a system that worked for her. Once we designed the ‘Abby’ experience, there was no stopping her!


We all come to indie life with our unique perspectives and experiences. No one approach to goal-setting will fit everyone’s business. 

CHALLENGE: As you look to set your goals for the coming year, what could you do differently with your goal-setting and achieving system to make it more your own?

If you want help with goal-setting, check out the INDIE WORKSHOPS. 

Isn’t it time you experienced the intoxication of achieving your goals?