Curiosity over judgement. #hellobrilliant #action-with-purpose #curiosity-over-judgement

Curiosity is an honorable stance when taken instead of judgement.

No need to agree with someone else’s perspective, just hear it and be curious about it with an intent of gaining a better understanding. 

Over the past several weeks, I’ve encountered actual situations where this mindset shift created measurable impact.

The conversation between two people with vastly differing political views resulted in a friendship that would never have developed without curiosity. Neither person expected to change the others’ view or beliefs, they wanted to understand and feel understood.

A virtual room of business leaders with competing priorities, each driving a project in a different direction, came to a consensus on a strategic direction for a shared asset, because of the shift from judgement to curiosity.

The CEO facing many inherited obstacles in her first 90 days, gains senior staff support by demonstrating and encouraging curiosity while investigating lessons learned in failed actions instead of placing judgement on past leadership.

An evening conversation with a loved one deepens their bond as each expresses authentic curiosity in their special interest projects and appreciates the value each gains from their discovery.

No matter the scope or impact of the conversation, we enhance them when curiosity wins over judgement.

Imagine what our world would be like if each of us in every moment chose curiosity over judgement.