Critical for Anywhere Workers: Acknowledgement

If you have been an anywhereWORKER for any amount of time, there may be something you miss even more than the water cooler conversations: acknowledgement for a job well done.

When we are in the office, we can celebrate the smaller milestones with co-workers with a simple sharing of ‘hey, check this out.’ But when secluded in your home office, there may only be your dog or your kids. And quite honestly, they don’t have the same appreciation for your accomplishments.

Finding Acknowledgement

What is an anywhere worker to do? Join an accountability program.

Accountability programs are not just to keep you on track, they have several purposes.

  1. help you set realistic goals,
  2. challenge your perspective,
  3. help you overcome obstacles,
  4. keep you on track (of course), and
  5. celebrate your wins and acknowledge your successes.

There are many productivity specialists holding these accountability programs. What is important is to find the one that meets your needs and personality. Things to consider:

  • Do you want a social group? I.e. you can post your successes on a forum and get feedback from multiple people (though not always guaranteed).
  • Do you want to have one person working with you who will become very aware of your struggles and provide you with that 1:1 focus? (coach)
  • Is there a certain atmosphere that you need? For example you may be looking for a group that is focused on results only, or maybe you need more social interaction and brainstorming?
  • Do you want daily interaction or weekly?
  • Do you want to interact with the group live (in person); on a teleconference; or online only (forum);
  • What length of time do you want to work with them? 2 weeks? a month? a year?
  • Do you want a strong facilitator? or are you ok with a more casual group?

Here is what I’ve found works for me:

  • Daily online interaction
  • Weekly live (in person or virtual) interaction
  • A strong facilitator (facilitates processes, boundaries etc)
  • An experienced facilitator as a coach
  • A little social interaction, but not too much (don’t want to know what you did outside the program)
  • Challenging questions about my assumptions
  • Acknowledgement of milestones, but not over the top mushy stuff just for showing up
  • A program of 2 to 4 weeks with a clear end in sight (boundaries).
  • An experienced group of professionals who are not competing with my business
  • A group of participants that share knowledge freely, give credit where due, respect each other’s individuality.

As part of these accountability programs, I have created online content, written 1st drafts of books, and redesigned websites. I continue to use what I’ve discovered about my own productivity habits in all my projects.

As a facilitator and coach of programs, I’ve helped others find their productivity superhero and get more done in a month than they have in years on their selected project.
If you are ready to become a superhero, check out the 4weeks&done program.