Communicate with your actions.

flickr photo: symphonyOfLove

flickr photo: symphonyOfLove

Motivational quotes may inspire,but actions create real change.

Stop reciting other people’s words and do something.

We communicate with words in our conversations, with pictures and graphs in our presentations, but our actions are what really tell the story.

What do you do after the conversation or the presentation? After you repeat all of the leadership guru quotes in your inspiring speech – do you listen to your own advice? After you pump up the sales team, do you devote the time to your relationships to keep them healthy?

Are your actions speaking louder than your words? Are you doing what you recommended to the audience? Especially as a leader, you need to make sure there is congruence between your words and actions. If there is a difference, your actions will be what people remember, not your fluffed up words.

CHALLENGE: What will you DO to inspire your audience (team, followers). How will  you SHOW them your idea?