Coaching accelerates growth.

My clients learn to lead themselves and their remote work or freelance businesses based on their unique skills and perspectives.

As your coach I help you lead yourself and your business based on your unique skill and perspective. Your coaching program is customized to deliver action oriented experience facilitating significant shifts in behavior all based on your unique coaching goals.


Every coaching engagement is unique. Your program is developed with your unique challenges in mind. The path you walk depends on what you want to achieve. I’m here to guide you to not just do a good job, but to deliver your best work – everyday – from anywhere. Following are the phases of a typical coaching process:

Inquiry and Commitment

Your experience begins with a one-on-one consultation – an in-depth conversation with me.  Your initial discovery meeting is approximately 30 minutes.  Throughout the conversation I’ll ask questions to discover your strengths, your goals and potential blind spots that might be getting in the way. At the end of this session we decide how to best work together.

Discovery and Assessment

We’ll dive deeper into uncovering your strengths, your challenges, and your unique style – gathering and analyzing data on your strengths and blind spots through interviews, assessment tools, and observations. Once you know your impact, you’ll understand your personal strengths as well as the tactics you may rely upon too much. At the end of this phase a clear goal and measures of success are identified and agreed upon between coach and client.

Action Planning and Implementation

Together we’ll identify an action plan to reach your goals. Because coaching is about making genuine behavior changes, it is important to develop a plan that fits your individual context. Typical plans include observations, activities, exercises, and practice sessions within the context of your goal area as well as communication plans for stakeholders.

Throughout the implementation we’ll will meet on a regular basis, typically for an hour every week or every other week to promote structure, accountability, and forward progress.


The goal of all coaching engagements is to create genuine and sustainable change. To support this we’ll establish ongoing accountability after the formal program ends.

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Guiding Principles

Professional coaching relies on a strong, ethics-driven relationship between coach and client. I adhere to the following guiding principles and ethical standards:

Respect and Confidentiality

In order to build a trusting relationship, all coaching engagements begin with establishing the roles, expectations, and responsibilities between coach, client (person being coached) and sponsor (person or entity paying for the engagement). Discussions between coach and client are held with utmost confidentiality.

Honoring Individuality

One of the distinguishing aspects of my coaching is it’s belief that each individual is unique, and this uniqueness is honored in determining the coaching approach. Although instruments are utilized to measure strengths and preferences, the results are used to increase awareness and not to categorize or limit the client.

Candid Feedback

A key value of coaching is providing candid feedback to you as a client. Feedback that others in your organization or circle of influence may not be comfortable providing. As an external coach, I am able to provide this feedback and perspective with limited bias.

Taking Responsibility

Our choices define us. It is important to take responsibility of those choices we have made and to learn from them, both good and bad. I’ll guide you to take responsibility for your behavior and the impact it has on others.

Purposeful Commitment

Change will only happen with action. Choosing to commit to coaching will require time and effort on the part of the client and coach. Choosing the right goal at the right time for the right reason is critical for a successful engagement.

As a certified and credentialed coach, I also follow the code of ethics put forth by the International Coach Federation (ICF).