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I choose to write!

A few weeks ago a respected coach colleague (Colin Ude-Lewis) asked if I would be a guest writer for an upcoming issue of his newsletter: Coaches Mojo.  At once I was excited and a bit nervous. Not just 2 days prior, I was on a call with my coach discussing how I wanted to be a writer some day. Well here it was, the perfect writing opportunity – presenting itself right on queue. Do I take action and ‘become’ a writer (one step closer, at least)? Or do I stay in my comfort zone and pass on this opportunity? It was this very question that made me realize how many decisions we make each day that determine the person we become. If I truly wanted to become a writer, I had to start making decisions right now which support that objective. I accepted the opportunity and began to create the article ‘Your Choices Create Your Life’. My question to you is…what choices are you making every day? Are they leading you closer to or further away from your potentiality (the person you are meant to be)? Please read the article and other inspiring works in the July 21st issue of Coaches Mojo.

Thanks to Colin Ude-Lewis (@ColinLewis) for the opportunity, and for publishing the weekly newsletter.