Chicken or egg? Clarity or Execution?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Does it matter?

We could debate the answer for ages and that may be fun, but what do we get out of it?

What if we ask a different question?
Like…are you hungry?

Instead of debating, step up to the buffet and satisfy your hunger!

The buffet is round.

No matter where you start you will come across both the chicken and the egg.

Just start.

The indie business has a similar debate: what comes first, the idea/thought or the action?

Which is more important?
And the debate begins.

Action without thinking and clariting your idea is exhausting.
Action with clarity is fulfillment.

Thinking about your idea but never acting on it is dreaming.
Thinking and clarifying your idea and then taking action and executing is progress.

We need both clarity and execution to make progress and create a fulfilling indie life.

What if you just started where you are?

Do you have an idea?
Then start with clarity and then get into action and execute.

Don’t have an idea?
Start getting into action and gain clarity from doing.

Stop trying to follow the rules. There are none.

You need both clarity and execution.

Just start.

If you need help getting your idea out of your head – reach out – I can help.