Stay Creatively Productive

Embrace Your Defects!

Certain defects are necessary for the existence of individuality. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside me, what can it be? – Vincent Van Gogh

Each of us is unique and this individuality must be honored! This is the foundation for existential coaching, advising, and learning programs here at Azione-Scopo, LLC. This is the power we tap into with Multiple Generations in the Workforce; LIFO Approach; and all to which we aspire.

To honor your individuality, I’d like to share with you one of the first steps in identifying your uniqueness. This is where we each become a combination anthropologist and philosopher trying to understand the physical and meta-physical of ‘you.’ The anthropologist may start with describing your physical attributes and searching your ansestry to discover how you are the only blue-eyed in the family of hazel eyes. Or discover that your great great grandfather was a tailor and that is (maybe) why you are good at reupholstering furniture. For me, I lean more toward the philosophical questions such as:

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Goals Have No Magic

Sorry to burst your bubble, but writing down a goal does not make it a reality. There is no magical force that will manifest your thoughts into reality just by writing down the goal. Goals take action to become reality. The magic is you! Writing your goals down on a piece of paper or in a list does not guarentee that you will achieve them. How many years have you written the same new years resolution? We are led to believe that writing your goal down is the most important step. Have you heard that those who write down their goal achieve them 90% of the time and those who do not write them down rarely succeed? Motivational speakers and authors lead us average achievers to believe that all we need to do is write down the goal. It seems like magic! If you think about it, write it down, the universe will provide it for you. B*llsh*t.

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The Anywhere Worker

Welcome! This is where The Anywhere Worker comes to connect, collaborate, learn, share, and stay creatively productive.

What is an ‘anywhere worker?’ Most likely, you are! Do you collaborate with professionals all over the world? Do you work from home one or more days each week? Do you work from local cafes and other ‘wifi’ locations? Then you are an anywhere worker. The anywhere worker is not tied to a specific location. She can work in her home, an office, or on the beach!

Over the past several years our clients from diverse backgrounds, generations, businesses, and interests have shared their goals, struggles, and ideas on what they need to be more effective at ‘anywhere working.’  Here at Azione-Scopo we are focused on providing a place for you, the anywhere worker, to become more effective and efficient in your life of business or business of life. Our executive coaching, learning, and advising products and services are designed to help the anywhere worker to not only identify and overcome their obstacles, but to succeed in spite of them.

What obstacles to anywhere workers face? Here are a few: Isolation (staying connected) | Gaps in Communication | Gaps in Collaboration | Staying visible | Finding a Center of Excellence | Working across Multiple Generations | Working across Cultures | Staying Productive

Take a look around our place. If you have ideas, please share them!

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