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6 Predictions: The Future of Work

We are already on our way toward the future of work. The catalysts for this new world of work include: life changing events such as 9/11; technological advances; economic events; and the absurd behavior of corporate executives. The current workforce is starving for certainty, control, shared values, and meaningful work. Here are 6 predictions of what the future of work holds for us:

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Don’t Fear The Pink Slip

Do you go into work every day wondering if there will be a ‘pink slip’ on your desk? We don’t call them pink slips anymore. Now we call them reduction in workforce; layoff; reorganizations; downsizing; and sometimes just simply ‘change’ in the organization. Over the past several years many organizations implement these ‘changes’ several times a year! What a horrible environment for the workers! If you face this environment in your organization – welcome to the existential concern of uncertainty!

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Finding ‘Why’

Taking action with purpose assumes you know your purpose. How many people really know their purpose? I have many clients that struggle with this one thing. As Viktor Frankle wrote: ” you can handle any what if you know the why” How do you find your ‘why?’

Here’s how.

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