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Don’t Fear The Pink Slip

Do you go into work every day wondering if there will be a ‘pink slip’ on your desk? We don’t call them pink slips anymore. Now we call them reduction in workforce; layoff; reorganizations; downsizing; and sometimes just simply ‘change’ in the organization. Over the past several years many organizations implement these ‘changes’ several times a year! What a horrible environment for the workers! If you face this environment in your organization – welcome to the existential concern of uncertainty!

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Finding ‘Why’

Taking action with purpose assumes you know your purpose. How many people really know their purpose? I have many clients that struggle with this one thing. As Viktor Frankle wrote: ” you can handle any what if you know the why” How do you find your ‘why?’

Here’s how.

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Embrace Your Defects!

Certain defects are necessary for the existence of individuality. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside me, what can it be? – Vincent Van Gogh

Each of us is unique and this individuality must be honored! This is the foundation for existential coaching, advising, and learning programs here at Azione-Scopo, LLC. This is the power we tap into with Multiple Generations in the Workforce; LIFO Approach; and all to which we aspire.

To honor your individuality, I’d like to share with you one of the first steps in identifying your uniqueness. This is where we each become a combination anthropologist and philosopher trying to understand the physical and meta-physical of ‘you.’ The anthropologist may start with describing your physical attributes and searching your ansestry to discover how you are the only blue-eyed in the family of hazel eyes. Or discover that your great great grandfather was a tailor and that is (maybe) why you are good at reupholstering furniture. For me, I lean more toward the philosophical questions such as:

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