Stay Creatively Productive

4 keys to staying productive – anywhere

You wouldn’t run a marathon on M&M, or without training first, would you? And you won’t be a productive anywhere worker without training either. Being an anywhere worker is a lot like running a marathon. There are long hours, changing environments, and stresses on our minds and bodies. If you are any anywhere worker, you know what I’m talking about!

If you think I’m going to tell you about a new app, or how to stay connected 24/7 with your own WIFI hotspot – you are wrong! Those things are great, but before you even get your geek on, you need to establish good foundational behaviors. It’s the fuel and training of the anywhere worker.

4 keys to staying productive

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What to do with 90 minutes

This past week I was having coffee and an energizing conversation with a friend who is also an anywhere worker. We were sharing our stories of how we could not seem to find a block of time to focus on one thing during the day. Her situation is especially challenging with a 4 year old daughter at home. She laughed and said ‘I wouldn’t even know what to do with 90 minutes in one block. It happens so seldom, what would I focus on?’

This started me to wonder, if you had 90 minutes of uninterrupted time in which you were able to focus on just one thing…what would it be? How is the best way to spend this time as an anywhere worker? Here are my top 3 ideas:

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eradicate bad presentations with presentationYOU

An Injustice Discovered

Several months ago the azione-scopo team (advisors and contributors) determined there was an injustice in the business world that needed to be addressed: bad presentations!

I know you’ve experienced bad presentations:

  • -It’s the slide with enough 10 pt font words to fill a dictionary;
  • -It’s the presenter that reads that slide word – for – word;
  • -It’s that hour you wish you could get back;
  • -It’s thinking ‘what’s their point?’

The injustice is

  • …the waste of time for you as the audience;
  • …the presenter wasting hours on the wrong thing;
  • …the presenter unable to communicate their message;
  • …the missed opportunity to connect people-ideas-action.

The injustice is….the presenter may be you!

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