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A Good 4 Letter Word: CASH

This 4 letter word is actually a good word – especially for the anywhere worker who wants to keep financial stress managed


Often people interested in becoming an indie worker or starting a small business ask me how they can afford it. They ask about funding and business plans and how to convince the bank to approve a loan. They become stressed and financially overwhelmed even before they start planning. I respond with one word: CASH.

I’ve learned a few lessons in my years of independence that I would like to share with you:

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productivity secret: working hard on the wrong thing

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel? Are you exhausted at the end of the day but haven’t moved forward on your project? Let me tell you a secret you may not want to hear: you’re working on the wrong things. You may be working really hard on those things, but they are the wrong things! Stop wasting your time – you can’t get it back.

The objective here is to work only on those things that help you reach your goals in your life of business and business of life. However, you need to use a critical eye to determine if you are overusing your strengths. Sometimes we spend too much time making something perfect. Sometimes we need to check to facts one more time. The question is – are they really getting you closer to delivering that project? But that’s not the scariest part. The real secret time wasters are hidden.

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breaking through your comfort zone

In your life of business, you either keep moving forward, or you are left behind. Moving forward usually involves moving out of your comfort zone. It means doing something you haven’t done before. It means you’ll be uncomfortable and maybe even afraid. It involves taking risk.

As someone who has broken through many levels of comfort zones, I know this can be very difficult, especially if you see yourself as risk averse. There is a way to expand your comfort zone without jumping off a bridge or creating unnecessary stress.

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