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Your Hidden Leadership Strength: Coaching

Coaching is an often hidden but powerful leadership strength.

You too can be a coach.

Chances are, in fact, that you already are. Did you know that coaching is one of the most effective leadership styles for getting results? For anywhere workers who wear many hats, you do this all the time: when you’re asking questions to determine what your client needs, for example.

What is coaching style?

Coaching is a state of mind and I’m not trying to be zen here, it really is about entering a conversation with intention, a specific intention to help the other person find the answer instead of giving them the answer or telling them what to do. Linda used coaching style to determine what was most important to me when crafting an announcement for an upcoming workshop. As an Anywhere Worker, you probably have the opportunity to do the same thing, on a regular basis.

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how to ooze charisma

Charisma. Some people seem to ooze charisma from their pores. Others try hard but end up more sleazy than charismatic. As a virtual leader and business owner, charisma is a desirable quality. A quality that I believe can be developed with practice and a genuine desire to help others.

Charisma is…

I define charisma as a special personal quality of an individual making him/her capable of influencing or inspiring others. You know that feeling you get when you talk to someone and you feel better about yourself just because you did? That’s charisma. You want it, don’t you?

What charisma is not: flashy, showy, power wielding, self-centered, judgmental, win-lose, pushy, or boring.

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