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How to Communicate with a Brick Wall

Have you ever left a meeting with a headache? Did it feel something like beating your head up against a brick wall? And that brick wall was the person across the table from you? ‘What happened?’ You mumble as you leave the room and shake your head as if shaking your head would make the pain fly out and away. You prepared for the meeting, carefully listed your main points. Prepared an impressive presentation complete with research data supporting your position. You walked into the meeting with with confidence. Then, about 5 minutes into the conversation (if you were lucky) you felt as if you were talking to a brick wall. And you might as well have been! Chances are the person on the other side of the table tuned out after your first detailed slide. When you made your decision that this proposal was the correct approach, you spent hours reviewing the research data. You verified and validated the assumptions. You know this is the right thing to do! Guess what? The person on the other side of the table didn’t care about the research data. They wanted to know the bottom line. They wanted to know what the next action would be. Do you know what your problem is? Same as many people. Often we take the golden rule literally. I’m not arguing against the golden rule. I’m here to tell you that your interpretation of the rule needs to be updated. Don’t do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I challenge you to consider to do unto others keeping their preferences in mind. With communication that means learning their language. How to Break Down the Brick Wall….

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3 Key Skills to Avoid Isolation as an Anywhere Worker

One of the most common obstacles the Anywhere Worker faces is what I like to call OOSOOM. It stands for out-of-sight-out-of-mind. We have all felt the impact of this condition at one time or another. Whether you work in an office and your boss works in another town (or country); in your home office; or at cafes and community WIFI locations; you have experienced the OOSOOM effect. OOSOOM includes: being left out of an impromptu meeting at the ‘office;’ not being considered or thought of for a project just because you were not the first person the boss saw at the office; not getting the latest draft of the presentation your team is delivering next week to the governance group; and many other omissions from the location influenced communication habits of your organization.

So what does an Anywhere Worker due to overcome this type of isolation? There are 3 (three) areas to address:

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The Anywhere Worker

Welcome! This is where The Anywhere Worker comes to connect, collaborate, learn, share, and stay creatively productive.

What is an ‘anywhere worker?’ Most likely, you are! Do you collaborate with professionals all over the world? Do you work from home one or more days each week? Do you work from local cafes and other ‘wifi’ locations? Then you are an anywhere worker. The anywhere worker is not tied to a specific location. She can work in her home, an office, or on the beach!

Over the past several years our clients from diverse backgrounds, generations, businesses, and interests have shared their goals, struggles, and ideas on what they need to be more effective at ‘anywhere working.’  Here at Azione-Scopo we are focused on providing a place for you, the anywhere worker, to become more effective and efficient in your life of business or business of life. Our executive coaching, learning, and advising products and services are designed to help the anywhere worker to not only identify and overcome their obstacles, but to succeed in spite of them.

What obstacles to anywhere workers face? Here are a few: Isolation (staying connected) | Gaps in Communication | Gaps in Collaboration | Staying visible | Finding a Center of Excellence | Working across Multiple Generations | Working across Cultures | Staying Productive

Take a look around our place. If you have ideas, please share them!

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