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distinguish yourself: 2 powerful success habits

Do you want to distinguish yourself from others in a favorable way? Develop two powerful habits: follow-up and follow-through. They apply to any relationship in your life of business and business of life. There’s a reason I always interchange those two phrases: because we are whole beings, not split into multiple personalities. These two areas, life and business, are intertwined. Why is this important? Because it is the key to developing these two powerful habits. Recognizing that you are doing business with a person – a whole person.

Your clients are not companies, your clients are people. You aren’t doing business with Big Pharma, you are doing business with Robert Smith, VP of operations. Robert has 10 direct reports and is responsible for a billion dollar budget. He also has one son about to graduate college, another just starting. He is active in his community and loves to build things on weekends. He enjoys a good book, but doesn’t have time to read very often.

Getting to know your prospects, clients, employees, team mates is about getting to know people. How do you do that? By building a relationship, one step at a time. There are two very powerful habits that help you to build trusting relationships in business (and personal life.)

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stop bugging me: handling disruptions at work

Last week’s challenge was to look at interruptions from both sides: good and bad. But what if you are interrupted – repeatedly – by a coworker and it is disruptive? The short answer: Suspend judgement; Investigate the situation; clarify expectations. Simple. But how you implement these three easy steps is what will make or break the situation.


Meet Bob. He is a motivated business development professional. He is a master at building new relationships and strengthening old ones. Recently he has noticed that Pam, head of production, has been involving him in meetings, calls, and decisions relating to her department. Bob see’s this as a disruption to his work. What can he do?

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interruptions: good or bad?

Do you do everything possible to limit the interruptions in your workday? It is part of every productivity training course and philosophy I’ve ever studied. Limit the interruptions in your work day to allow for maximum productivity. As an anywhere / indie / virtual worker, I’ve realized that limiting interruptions may be negatively impacting my productivity and creativity.

favorite interruption busting tricks

What tricks have you learned over the years? I remember the many tricks I used to use while working in a corporate office. My favorites include:

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