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ask the coach: how to collaborate from a distance

From the ‘ask the coach’ inbox comes a question about collaborating across distance. Our reader has recently been assigned to a project in which he must collaborate with a team member that is thousands of miles away and in another country. He wants to know how to make sure their collaboration is equally balanced and productive. Here are the first steps to get started:

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How to deal with the disruptive participant

Once upon a time….That’s how a story begins, right? I have one I want to share with you. I’ve changed the names, but the situation is all to familiar. See if you can find yourself in this story.

Jill walks into the hotel conference room a little early. She wants to make sure she picks a good seat where she can see, hear, and interact with the presenters. The round tables are strategically placed three rows of three to allow for comfortable walking and viewing, 9 tables in all. Jill selects the front left table directly in front of the flip chart. She sits down to test her view. From her inside seat she can see everything perfectly. The other participants begin to make their way into the conference area, picking up their coffee and selecting their seats.

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language + context + delivery = meaning

But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought. ~George Orwell. Want versus Need: An observation in the impact of language. Financial Context: In an economic or financial context, there is a clear difference between want and need. Think about the last time you were creating a financial plan for your business or personal budget.
Team Dynamics Context: But what about when we use the words need and want in the context of requesting actions from our team members? Can you use the same definitions?

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