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is your inner child sabotaging you?

story of the brown haired girl

There is a brown haired girl sitting in the last row of Sister Magdalen’s 3rd grade class. She’s got her nose burried in a book and has her pencil at the ready to write in her composition book should someone come over to talk to her. These free periods are worse than the actual lessons. Most of the other students are huddled around one another’s desks chatting and giggling and some were drawing. But not the brown haired girl. She’s always alone.

Suddenly one of the girls comes from behind to ask the brown haired girl a question. “You’re a girl scout, right?”
The brown haired girl turns in her chair to answer “Yes”
“So how would I join if I was interested?”
“I guess I could ask my mom…..” Just then there was a burst of laughter in the front of the room. The girl asking the questions looked up over the brown haired girl and smiled, no laughed. The brown haired girl turned around to see two of her classmates hanging a sign up on the wall above the chalkboard and right behind the teacher. It was a sign directed at the brown haired girl.

Scope. Once in the morning does it.

The little brown haired girl was embarrassed. Hurt. Crushed. The stress and anxiety she experienced on a daily basis which led to her undetected the stomach ulcer was the cause of her bad breath. But she didn’t know that. All she knew was that today, she learned a valuable lesson. She established a truth she would carry with her into adulthood: Never trust anyone who is nice to you; Never trust those in charge (teacher) to protect you from harm.

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the individual disrupts silos

Does your organization suffer from the impacts of working in silos? You know the barriers that develop between the functional departments of an organization? As an individual professional you can experience poor communication, conflicting directions, redundancy, and less than optimal decision making. Though much of the silo barriers can develop in the systems and data, what I’m concerned about is the human element. I want to focus on you.

the individual disrupts silos

It’s your responsibility. That’s right. Each individual in the organizations that does nothing to break down the silos is contributing to and reinforcing their existence. That means I don’t want to hear you whine and complain about the silos if you are not willing to do something about it.

there’s more……

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anywhere workers go frugal

Whether you are setting up your virtual home office for the first time, or making some improvements, making the most of your resources (being frugal) is always important for the anywhere worker. Maybe you are concerned about your start up costs, or your company may be cutting back on home office spending allowances. Whatever the reason, make a change and get some frugal into the mix.

Remember the slogan: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? That was how I was first introduced to being green and that is how I like to approach being frugal as well. To some frugal means buying what you need for less cost, like using coupons or shopping at Costco. For others it means do it yourself solutions. Both are great approaches. I like to start by reducing what I need in the first place, then looking for low cost solutions. Here are some ideas to get your frugal creativity flowing.

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