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5 tips for virtual team success

Team Success is Everyone’s Job Recently I participated in a virtual team kick-off meeting. It was a wonderful event for those who attended. But as we look at the project going forward, I wonder how we will build a sense of team and a high functioning team in this virtual space. I started to list my concerns and the possible actions I (and the team) could take to set ourselves up for success.

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Skill Building Series: Interpersonal Savvy

Leaders In The Weeds: It’s A Problem

Lucy has recently been promoted to Senior Director of her global team. She is a strong action oriented worker, but she often finds herself spending time overseeing meetings and processes and checking the data analysis of her staff. Not only is she having difficulty keeping up with her workload, her staff was starting to complain that she was running the show and not valuing their contributions to the work.

When Lucy came to me, she recognized she needed help to break her habit of managing the processes and data and get into more of a leadership mindset. So we started by identifying what leadership meant to her in her new role.

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