How to lead

How Do I Judge Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

Be curious, not judgmental. ~Walk Whitman

We Are All Judges

We all want to be considered accepting and non-judgmental as leaders. But is that really possible?

When we meet someone for the first time, or someone walks into the room, we form an opinion or evaluation of them by comparing their existence (how they look and behave) to our existing experiences and principles – we judge.

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Skill Building Series: Can’t Change What You Can’t See

Self awareness is the foundation of any powerful / successful leader. We are not often given the time nor opportunity to increase our self awareness.

In this world of action and results – who has time for reflection?

You do! That is, if you want to improve your leadership skills. You can not change that which you are not aware.

That is what Brian discovered after the reviewing the results of his recent 360 feedback survey. It wasn’t just one thing that needed to change, it was a lot of little things. What surprised Brian the most, was that he wasn’t even aware of his behaviors, let alone their impact.

Read more to learn what simple tool we used to start making change happen!

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Skill Building Series: Interpersonal Savvy

Leaders In The Weeds: It’s A Problem

Lucy has recently been promoted to Senior Director of her global team. She is a strong action oriented worker, but she often finds herself spending time overseeing meetings and processes and checking the data analysis of her staff. Not only is she having difficulty keeping up with her workload, her staff was starting to complain that she was running the show and not valuing their contributions to the work.

When Lucy came to me, she recognized she needed help to break her habit of managing the processes and data and get into more of a leadership mindset. So we started by identifying what leadership meant to her in her new role.

Read more about the solution and action plan.

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